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Pyleswin tab

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Packing : 90 tab

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This herbal medicine helps in reducing inflammation, pain bleeding, etc. by its ingredients. It avoids local anatomists of blood vessels and congestion by proper blood circulation.


Composition :

Each Tablet Contains :

Swadist Virechan Churna 100 mg
Indrajav Churna 100 mg
Nagkesar Churna 100 mg
Kasis Bhasma 100 mg
Sfatik Bhasma 50 mg
Suran kand 50 mg


Medical Description :

Swadist Virechan Churna :-

It helps in evacuating the bowel thereby avoiding local congestion, pain irritation etc. It helps smooth passage of stool.

Indrajav Churna :-

Basically it is 'Krumigna' (wormicidal) but it is helpful as a purgative, it reliever itching around anal orifice.

Sfatik Bhasma & Suran Kand :-

Due to their astringent quality they check the bleeding, burning sensation and painful defecation.

Kasis Bhasma : -

Kasis is one of best useful medicine in blood purifier from your body.

Nagkesar Churna :-

It is digestive as well as checks anal bleeding thereby taking care of the surrounding fascia from infection and help to shrink pile mass.



Acute and chronic piles


Anal Fissures


Chronic constipation

In Purities



Dosage :

Two capsules thrice a day.


Packing :

30 & 500 Capsules